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Jen Nau

I started CrossFit in early 2014. I told a friend “No” for several years because I felt I wasn’t fit enough to walk in the door. That is a real shame because once I got started I knew that my life was going to be changed for the better. What I thought was going to be a gym full of super intimidating fitness gurus turned out to be the most welcoming group of people of ALL fitness levels. Young, old, big, small….everyone was simply there to be a better version of themselves each and every day. This community became a part of my daily life and one that honestly became more like family with each workout. I will never forget later that first year of CrossFit, on my birthday, I got my first unassisted pull up! Something I never thought I would do! I became a coach so that I can help others feel this amazing sense of accomplishment, reach THEIR goals and become as fit as they want to be. We like to say “You can have serious goals, but there’s no need to take yourself too seriously” Let’s have fun!

Whitney Wilson

I started with CrossFit in 2008 after years of long, slow distance training left me bored and injured. I quickly fell in love with weightlifting and became leaner and stronger than I had ever been. My favorite part of coaching is seeing our members overcoming their own fears and self doubt while becoming athletes. Nothing gets me more jazzed than a mother of 3 throwing around a heavy barbell or a former NFL player getting their competitive spark back.

I have also seen significant changes in my own life that I credit to my training. I have energy to keep up with my son, I never have to ask for help carrying my groceries out, and I am the “go-to” nurse when it comes to CPR. I can do compressions for hours!

Joel Nau

My wife Jen started CrossFit in 2014 and I honestly rolled my eyes a bit. I am a hard worker and enjoy the outdoors. I thought that we “lived” fitness and did not need to pay or join some sort of “club” to be fit. However, slowly but surely I participated in the community events where all are welcome to come try it out. Highlights were “Murph” (ouch) and CrossFit “Golf” where we took the workout to a golf course and had a blast. I met so many great people and felt like I had really accomplished something after a workout. So, later that year after watching my wife have all the fun, I jumped in. I have become so much stronger than I thought possible. I enjoy meeting up with my friends and doing life with this great group. If you are nervous to try CrossFit I encourage you to come try a community workout. You will see that there is an entire crew of awesome people waiting to cheer you on and help you get better every day.

Kayla Sutton

I am beyond excited to join the Monkey Junction CrossFit family and share my knowledge and experience in Olympic style weightlifting. Starting as a crossfit athlete, the lifts have always intrigued and challenged me so I decided to take that interest and expound upon it by competing solely in weightlifting. I have been competing since 2012 as a 58kg lifter. I am a two time NC state champion and have competed on a national platform 5 times all over the country. I have coached several male and female athletes in competition as well as programmed for athletes of all different levels. I feel like my journey is still only beginning as a lifter and a coach, and it is my dream to help others achieve their goals and work together to make each other better athletes. I hope to share with you my knowledge while learning from all of you as we go. Thank you for welcoming me as a part of your team. Lets get strong!!

Nick McFarlane

I started Crossfit in 2010 not exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I was hooked instantly. The comradery of the Crossfit community reminded me of the team spirit from my time in the Army . Eventually my enthusiasm for Crossfit led to my level 1 certification and competing in various regional events. As a coach, I understand that everyone is different. Each person has various strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to take them out of their comfort zone and make them a more confident and complete athlete.

Lindsey McDermott

When I first started CrossFit in July of 2013 I was very nervous and apprehensive. My only knowledge of CrossFit was what I had seen in advertisements and while watching the CrossFit games on TV. What I found was a community that not only pushed each other to be better than they were the day before but stuck around to support you and cheer you all the way through the last rep of the day. I was instantly hooked. CrossFit has since provided me with more confidence in my life, has opened the doors to new friendships that I would never have made otherwise, AND it has made me a happier/healthier person!


CrossFit Classes

Weightlifting, Cardiovascular and Bodyweight Movements are combined and performed at high intensities to deliver total and lasting fitness across the broadest range of demand. Activity and class format will vary widely from day to day.

Metabolic BootCamp

The weights are light, the movements are fast. This is a total body experience smashed into 30 minutes of relentless movement. Bring your water bottle.

Olympic Lifting

The Snatch, the Clean and Jerk and appropriate supporting movements are the focus of these 1 hour classes. The Olympic Lifts are unrivaled in their development of athletic attributes.


These 30 minute classes are devoted exclusively to enhancing mobility. Typically one bodypart or position or movement per session will be explored.


5 and 10k distance is the focus of these running classes which feature a mix of technique drills, intervals, tempo runs and time trials.

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