Olympic Lifting 10/1-10/7

Day 1:

2×2  Snatch

3×1   Snatch

4×2   Clean from high blocks

4×2   Clean pulls @ 100% speed

5×3   Back Squat


Day 2

2×2  Clean and Jerk

3×1 Clean and Jerk

5×3  Push Jerks

4×2   Snatch pull 100% speed


Day 3:

4×2+1   Snatch from high hang +1 OHS

5 sets   Clean high pull + clean + jerk

3×5 pull ups

4×2   Front squat


Day 4:

Max out lifts!!!!

Max front squat

Olympic Lifting 9/24-9/30

Day 1:

3×2   Snatch

3×1   Snatch

5×5 Snatch grip bent over row

4×2 Clean pulls at 100%

5×3 Back Squat


Day 2:

3×2   Clean and Jerk

3×1   Clean and Jerk

5×2   Snatch from high blocks

5×3   BTN Push Press

4×2   Snatch pull at 100%


Day 3:

6 sets   High pull + Snatch + OHS

4×2+1   High hang clean and Jerk

3×5   Pull ups

4×2   Front Squat


Day 4:

Max out lifts!!!

Max out SOMETHING ELSE (blame Kathleen)

Newbie Tips and Tricks

Hello All!  Welcome to MJCF!

It’s been great to see all the new faces tracking through our FOUNDATIONS program. Congrats on seeing that through and Welcome Aboard!  We hope you come to enjoy this type of fitness system as much as we do, and to that end, here’s some things worth mentioning that we feel will help you adapt and acclimatize sooner rather than later.
After seeing many examples of  “too much too soon”, over the years,  we really stress doing less, not more for as long as it takes to know how you’ll react to a given workout.
 “OOh, I really feel my biceps, abs, butt etc” is a normal and appropriate reaction to starting CrossFit.  “I fell down the stairs accidentally, but I’m OK with that because that was less painful than walking down them!”  is not appropriate and unfortunately all too common.  A very good rule of thumb is –
ANYTIME IN YOUR FIRST MONTH OF CROSSFIT, IF IN DOUBT ABOUT PUSHING HARDER OR BACKING OFF, OPT FOR THE LATTER AND SEE HOW YOU FEEL THE NEXT DAY.   We do A LOT of risk/reward considerations when we put workouts together, but at best it’s more art than science.  There are SO many variables from day to day and person to person that hitting the sweet spot where progress occurs but soreness remains mangaeable is impossible to achieve for every person in every workout.  It’s your gym and your body!  Be patient and opt for less in that first month.
Here are some purposeful steps you can take to reduce soreness:
1) Post Workout Foam Roll.  While you most likely just want to lay on the ground for ten minutes, then go about your day, you will offset a lot of the soreness heading your way if you spend 5-7 minutes rolling out the at risk muscles.  Basic foam roll video is HERE:
2) Stretch.  Hand in hand with foam rolling, stretching speeds all the recovery processes and post workout is a great time to stretch well, as your muscle temperature is likely up.
3) Supplements.  See below
4) Hydration.  Nothing Fancy but if you’re low on water, everything just takes that much longer to work and process.
Man, this is a big one, but for right now, it need not be super complex.
Here are some REALLY BROAD strokes that aren’t a bad place to start, if eating to perform is unfamiliar to you.
A very simple maxim is “Eat whole foods, not too much, mostly plants”.  Too much in this case, is beyond hunger.
Here’s another one sentence guideline that works for MOST people:  “Every 4 hours eat a protein source as big as the palm of your hand, a plant/vegetable source as big or 2x as big, a fat source half as big.”
Specific to Protein:  Most people would benefit from eating more than they currently do (Again, BIG BROAD GENERALIZATIONS here).  A good rule of thumb is 1.0 grams per day per lean body mass.  This requires knowing your Bodyfat Percentage.  If you don;t know your bodyfat percentage we can help you find it out ( we need to schedule that, but there’s no fee!) in the meanwhile eat .8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight.  So if you are 140lbs  140x .8 = 112 grams of protein per day.
Most people starting off CrossFit find there appetite goes UP to some degree, due to the increased energy they are putting out.
Supplements.  Do I need them.  Definitely not, BUT there are some we recommend because the science is pretty strong (although NOT absolute by any means). Supplements may reduce your soreness and assist your fitness efforts.
Here’s the ones we like for a beginner:
Branched Chain Amino Acids-  (BCAA’s) These kind of serve as protein amplifiers, and the net effect is often (not always) a marked reduction in soreness.  We recommend the 1)Least Expensive 2)Flavorless 3) Powder BCAA’s you can find.  The manufacturing process is very simple and you do not need a premium brand.  Anything with a flavor additive usually drives up the cost considerably.  You could achieve the same end with the addition of your own flavor agent (like a MIO shot or Crystal Lite etc).  Lastly, we like powders over pills becuase the dosing is somehwat high.  Start with 5 grams and see if there’s any stomach upset (usually there is not) and if not work up to 10 grams post workout.  This would be a total of 10 pills!!  We prefer two 5 gram scoops in some sort of flavored water.
Protein/Recovery Shakes–   There are hundreds of types of recovery shakes out there and all of them will claim to have “special proprietary technology” or some other similar verbage.  We think the convenience and concentrated nutrition of a well manufactured shake can be advantageous given the demands of modern life.  We have been impressed by the efficacy (and the flavor) of a brand called Progenex and we hope to stock them soon. But we recognize that Progenex is on the high end of the market price point, so if you find a less expensive shake that is doing you good, please let us know about it.
Despite selling a shake and not selling BCAA’s, if you only get one recovery agent get the BCAA’s.  Bang for your buck, they are more valuable.
Fish Oil–  Here you DO want a premium brand.  WalMart FishOil wont cut it.  Regrettably, this is an expensive item, but the anti inflammatory effect are often substantial.
If one area has changed since we first discovered CrossFit Methodology it’s gear.  Here’s the essentials.
SHOES:  You want FLAT shoes, often called “Minimal” shoes.  In industry parlance, you want shoes with a small or zero “drop”.  That means the heel height is close to or equal to the forefoot.  Most Running shoes have a marked “drop”,  the heel is substantially higher than the forefoot.  Whether that’s good for running is debateable but it’s definitely a disadvantage for most of what we do in CrossFit.  That sloping drop encourages forward migration of the shin and “living in your toes/balls of your feet”.   Do you need to run right out and buy flat shoes?  No, BUT make the next pair you buy a “flat” shoe.  Here are links to REEBOKS,  NIKE’S and NEW BALANCE Functional Fitness Shoes.
What about Olympic Lifting Shoes?  Don’t bother just yet.
JUMP ROPE:  We have tons at the gym, but if you are motivated to work the “Double Under” on your own, you may want to pick up your own and get the length exactly to where it suits you and only you best.  If so,  you want waht would commonly be called a “Speed Rope”.  Don’t get anything leather or cloth.  Speed ropes will have some sort of coated cable.  Make sure the length of the rope is adjustable!  Expect to spend 12 to 25 dollars.  More than that is more than you need at this stage.  HERE is a link to amazon’s page SPEED ROPES FOR CROSSFIT.
That’s it!  See you out there!

Olympic Lifting 9/17-9/23

Day 1:

6×1+1   Snatch balance + OHS

5×2   Snatch

5×2   Clean pulls with 3 sec descent

5×3 Front Squat


Day 2:

5×2   Clean and Jerk

4×2   Snatch from low blocks

4×3   Push Press

5×2   Snatch pulls with 3 second descent


Day 3:

5 Sets   Snatch from high hand and snatch from knee

4×3  Clean from low blocks

4×2 Jerks

5×5 Back Squat


Day 4:

Max out lifts!!!!

The Programming Week.

Hello All-

First and Foremost, our profound thanks for your support.  Prior to opening, we had certain membership goals for the one month mark.  Thanks to your collective participation, we  hit our monthly membership goals ON THE FIRST DAY!  We are shocked,  amazed and above all,  so very grateful!

Onto some exercise related stuff.  We thought it might be of interest to, with this entry, detail a little about our programming process.   The gist of it is, each day of the week corresponds to a fundamental movement pattern, after which, that pattern won’t repeat again till the next week.  This is a conscious choice done to reduce chance of injury.  For example, this Monday our “Strength Component” was Seated Dumbell Shoulder Press and our “Work Capacity” was Freddy’s Revenge.  Both featuring resisted shoulder extension.  So, for the remainder of the week, resisted shoulder extension is by and large OUT of the programming.  It’s not a hard and fast rule and there is some grey area. There may be some overhead movements, but they won’t be particularly heavy or high volume.  We might see Wallballs, for example.  While technically this has some resisted shoulder extension, but it’s relatively light loading and low risk.

So, real fast,  here’s a map of our week.

Monday- Shoulder Extension/Overhead  (Shoulder Press, Bench Press, Etc)

Tuesday- Off the Ground/Hip Hinge   (Deadlift, Clean, Snatch)

Wednesday- Aerobic Focus

Thursday- Upper Body Pulling (Pullup/Toes to bar/ Rows)

Friday- Hip Extension (Squat/Lunge)

We throw an aerobic focus on day 3 of our 5 day cycle, so the weekly pattern is 2 high stress days, 1 day “off” 2 high stress days, 2 days (sat and sun) off.

The net effect is, a wide variety of movements and patterns that cover as many bases as we reasonably can, with a constant eye toward preserving the joints/reducing injury risk.

We hope you enjoy the process!





Olympic Lifting 9/10-9/16

Day 1:

5×2+1    Snatch balance  + OHS

6×2   Snatch

5×2   Clean pulls with 3 sec descent

5×3   Front Squat


Day 2:

6×2   Clean and Jerk

4×3   Snatch from low blocks

4×3    Push Press

5×2    Snatch pulls with 3 sec descent


Day 3:

5 Sets   Snatch from high hand + Snatch from knee

4×3   Clean from low blocks

4×2   Jerks

5×5    Back Squat


Day 4:

Max out lifts!!!

Max reps pullups

Olympic Lifting 9/3-9/9

Day 1:

5 x 2

Snatch 2-3 sec pause at knee

5 x 2

Snatch pull from deficit

4 x 2

Clean from mid-thigh block

4 x 6

Back Squat


Day 2:

5 x 2

Clean 2-3 sec pause at the knee and jerk

5 x 2

Clean pull from deficit

4 x 2

Snatch from mid-thigh block

5 x 5



Day 3:

6 x 2

Touch and Go Jerks

OTM x 8 min

Hang snatch from below the knee

OTM x 8 min

Hang clean from below the knee

4 x 4

Front Squat


Day 4:

Max out lifts!!

4 x 8

DB press


Single leg deadlift


Greetings and Welcome to Monkey Junction CrossFit.  We’re are excited to be partnering with Momentum Athletics in this incredible space!  The combined resources of both organizations will provide a fitness experience unmatched in the region, so please take a moment to read what we’re all about.


We like to say that our goal is get get you ”as fit as you want to be!”  We understand that not everyone’s goal is to go to the CrossFit Games, or even a local competition, though it can be.  We value and respect the sport of fitness a great deal.   But our baseline exercise prescription will bias toward effective and challenging programming that still preserves you for the long term.   Specifically this means injury avoidance, but also we want you to be able to function with vigor outside the gym the same day as and the day after your workout. This runs counter to the trend we’ve seen emerge in the last few years, of beat yourself down so much that all you can do thereafter is recover enough to do it again, with physical activity minimized in between.  This is putting the gym first and life second, and if this is happening it should be because YOU choose such, not because your gym steered you wrong.


How do we preserve the long term?  Through safe, appropriate, fun programming.  


While perhaps not apparent at first glance, the careful observer will see some differences in the way we do things.  Certain movements, while great MEASURES of fitness, come with risk that, for our purposes, don’t equal the reward.  Muscle-ups, Heavy Deadlifts, Max Effort Snatching are some examples.  These are necessary for competition preparation,  they are certainly  valid and challenging tests of fitness, and as a staff we are equipped and capable of applying them on request (in fact we LOVE to do so!), but if the goal is to prepare for life and avoid injury, we’d likely bias away from them in favor of other, safer movements.


A by-product of that philosophy is recognizing that everyone comes to us with a different set of physical circumstances, abilities, and limitations. As an MJCF member, you are strongly encouraged to bring any physical issues to the attention of the coaches so that they can adjust YOUR workout such that it does YOU the most good.  This is not a perk or an add-on or an extra.  This is our job! Perhaps THE most important aspect of it.  


Above and beyond CrossFit classes, you’ll find a lot of exercise choices on our schedule.  A (mostly) Barbell Free BootCamp is a relentless 30 minutes of low weight/high-speed metabolic rev.  Mobility sessions designed to unlock some of your stickiest bits, and in the near future, Kickboxing Conditioning returns, (for the days when wine and profanity just aren’t enough).  Specialty programs like Yoga and Powerlifting are being explored as we speak.  ALL of the above classes are included in your membership.  We want very much to give you the broadest spectrum of fitness options possible.


Additionally, your membership comes with 24 Hour facility access.  At signup you will receive a 4 digit code that can be used any time that suits your schedule. While we’d love to have you in class, sometimes life intrudes, and when it does, MJCF is still available for you to make up a missed workout or do your own thing.


Beyond the efficacy of the exercise program, we are equally concerned with creating a great atmosphere.  We want you to WANT to come to the gym and, frankly, to hang out before and after your work is done. In that regard we are particularly fond of our Member’s Lounge complete with full sized refrigerator for your recovery shake, filtered water dispenser for your hydration needs, and coffee for everything else.  Put your feet up and stay a while!


We’ve got 300 square feet of kid’s space with toys, beanbag chairs and padded walls. Although we can’t guarantee that the words out of our members’ mouth (or the mouth of Jay-Z) will always be kid friendly, we want you and your family to feel at home here.


In the event that you want to supplement your fitness with some specific training or have an individualized goal that’s beyond our scope, chances are that Momentum Athletics’ personal training services can assist you.  TJ Meyer has an extensive background in fat loss, injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise.


We’re excited to be here and introduce you to what we do. We hope you’ll take a look and see if we’re right for you!